Student Athlete Performance Center

Virginia Tech Athletics envisioned a nutrition center for student athletes centrally located within the athletics precinct. From a Hanbury led feasibility study an intriguing option emerged: expansion upward and outward of the Bowman Room on the uppermost level of the Jamerson Athletic Center, transforming a utilitarian dining space to a dynamic multi function dining center overlooking the athletics campus. While available to all students, this facility tailors its offerings towards the needs of Virginia Tech athletes, with meal offerings designed to provide performance based nutrition and serving the athletes near their training and performance spaces. This arrangement fosters community, supports athletic performance, and offers a flexible meeting and event space for related uses.

Interior forms, materials and details reflect the strength, grace and poise of the student athlete, while environmental graphics more directly connect with the mission and vision of Virginia Tech Athletics. The main entry from Cassell Coliseum immerses you in the program’s values of integrity, service, honor and excellence and surrounds you with the intense energy of the community that cheers you on.

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